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Permits & Licenses

Special Event Permits
If you would like to hold a special event in the City of Excelsior, you may be required to fill out a special event permit application. Please click on the link below for a copy of the permit and contact City Hall with any questions (952) 474-5233.

2018 Special Event Permit Application

Building Permit & License Information

Parts of nine communities get their mail through the Excelsior Post Office and most requests for permits are actually for properties located in another municipality. Please verify that the property you're requesting a permit for is within the Excelsior city limits. (Helpful tip: any address with more than three digits isn't in Excelsior.) If the City receives a permit and fee for a property that is not in Excelsior, we will notify you, but the information will not be mailed back to you.  

Commercial Building Permit Application

Residential Building Permit Application

Fence/Retaining Wall Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Temporary Sign Permit Application

If you would like additional information or if you have any questions, please contact City Planner, Emily Becker at  or call (952) 653-3674.

Business Licensing
A Business License issued by the City of Excelsior is required for the following license types:

  - Amusement Devices/Games of Skill
  - Dance Hall
  - Excursion Boat Docking
  - Gasoline Service Station
  - Juke Box
  - Liquor Licenses
  - Marina
  - Multiple Dwelling
  - Pool Table
  - Publication Box
  - Refueling Permit at Leased Docks
  - Refuse Hauler
    * For a current list of licensed Refuse Haulers, click here
  - Solicitor, Hawker, Peddler, Canvasser
  - Theater
  - Tobacco
  - Trolley
  - Tree Trimmer License 
* For a current list of licensed Tree Trimmers, click here
For more information, please contact the City Clerk at (952) 653-3675.

For State or County licensing information, contact the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office at (651) 556-8425.

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