Snow & Ice Removal

Plowing & Sanding

Excelsior Street Department's highest profile job is the plowing and sanding of City streets. The Public Works Superintendent determines when the crews begin plowing - usually as close as practical to the time the snowfall ceases.

The call-out of equipment is dependent on the time and severity of the snowfall. The most critical times are morning and evening rush hour periods.

For more information on snow and ice removal, contact the Public Works Department at (952) 474-3464.

Snow Emergencies

A snow emergency is defined as every occurrence of snowfall where snow has accumulated to a depth of two inches or more. Each snow emergency shall commence at 1:00 am following the accumulation of snow to a depth of two inches and shall remain in effect on each city street until 7:00 am.

During a snow emergency, no vehicle shall be parked on city streets, except in conformity with the following:

  • On all even-numbered calendar days, parking is permitted on the side of the city street with even-numbered house numbers from 1:00 am to 7:00 am
  • On all odd-numbered calendar days, parking is permitted on the side of the city street with odd-numbered house numbers from 1:00 am to 7:00 am

The city is divided into zones for plowing. The downtown zone is plowed first. Heavily traveled routes are plowed next, and the residential neighborhoods are plowed last.

The primary treatment for ice control is a mixture of sand and salt. The city uses a mix of approximately two parts sand to one part salt. The sand provides traction on ice and hard-packed snow. The salt keeps the sand from freezing in the stockpile and in the trucks. It also promotes melting at intersections. The sand / salt mixture is applied at stop signs, intersections, curves, and hills. The city does not attempt to maintain the streets in a bare pavement condition during the winter.

To learn more about snow emergency maintenance, contact Public Works at (952) 474-3464.