Excelsior Parkland

About the Park

Excelsior Parkland is a 15.5-acre park located on Oak Street (Highway 19) with considerable potential for combining active and passive uses within an attractive natural setting. The park currently includes rental garden plots and a large wetland, Studer Pond, which is bordered by trees and vegetation that are habitats for woodland animals.

As a park, Excelsior Parkland provides a significant and desirable opportunity to observe and study the natural world that should be maintained and enhanced as part of the quality of life valued by Excelsior residents. In addition to Studer Pond, College Lake, Mitten Pond, Mud Lake, and Galpin Lake also provide opportunities for observing and appreciating the natural world. The Master Parks, Trails, and Walkways Plan (PDF) encourages the recognition, preservation, protection, and maintenance of all of these bodies of water.